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This book explains all aspects of Z++, and illustrates all major points with actual examples with output, powered by the Z47 Virtual Processor. All Z++ libraries are explained.

Z++ is not an extension of C++. The elementary parts of the Z++ language uses the same syntax as C++ for continuity of knowledge from one language to the other.

While it is not meant for self-study, it is the standard for writing such books, and for professionals. A C++ engineer can use this book for self-study.

This book includes:

Chapter I. Fundamental Types

Chapter II. Control Structures

Chapter III. Type Definition Mechanisms

Chapter IV. Abstract Data Types (Templates)

Chapter V. Namespace

Chapter VI. The notion of Signal

Chapter VII. Distributed Signaling

Chapter VIII. Exception Mechanism

Chapter IX. Conversions

Chapter X. Operators

Chapter XI. Global Threads

Chapter XII. Autonomous Agent (Travel Statement)