ZHMICRO Software | Training

Training from ZHMICRO ensures the maximum value from the implementation of your software in the minimum amount of time. Our comprehensive documentation offerings help you achieve successful deployment and rollout throughout your organization.

The ZHMICRO training program is based on proven industry practices and years of software development experience. Our experts can help you with a wide range of packages including tuning and optimization, custom development, and deployment planning. We will work with you to assist you with:

Getting started with ZHMICRO software

Selecting and deploying your own custom Z++ software

Optimizing performance

For more information on training, please contact us.

Comprehensive Training to Help You Succeed

WebEx Classroom - ZHMICRO eLearning Classroom includes comprehensive learning, design, and implementation with one of our expert instructors. Contact ZHMICRO Sales for training schedule.

Private Classroom - When you have a large number of students to train, and the facilities and equipment in place, our instructors can deliver a private class just for your team.

Dedicated training held at our facilities that are designed specifically for technical classroom training.

Customer Site Training that entails exclusive instructor-led training at your preferred time and location. ZHMICRO can deliver custom classes built for your environment and focused on your specific issues.