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Unique Features

A few unique features of Z++.

Macros – Can be debugged just like Functions.

Tell and Hear – Communication signaling for Concurrent Communicating Processes, Web Services and Asynchronous Function Calls.

Task Threads – Can specify handlers for Tell and Hear communication signals, as well as other types of signals including entire signals.

Mutex – As a built-in type and independent of the underlying operating system.

Collection Shared Method - A collection object invokes a shared method on all of its (class) object values.

Task Idler - An instance of task (threaded) will execute its special method idler when there are no requests to service.

Task Signal Handler - A task object automatically responds to signals generated by any thread.

Atomic block (Mutual Exclusion) - A thread executes an atomic block of statements without interference by any other thread.

Debug block and break (Assert) - A debug block is only executed in a debug compiled executable. In addition, break (boolean) will act as a break point when the boolean expression fails (in debug mode).

Code Samples

Get code samples with the Z++ Syntax Chart.

Z++ Syntax Chart (html)